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an icky story

So I have alittle story.. its nothing that great but what the hey. I used to live in South Carolina.. it was probably like 11 or something, and me and a friend were riding on our scooters [back when scooters were all cool and popular] and it was in the evening and we couldn't see that well. But anyway. So we rode around the block a few times and we were going really fast and I saw this frog hopping in the middle of the road. I kind of tried to stop but couldn't because I wasn't wearing any shoes and so I didn't slam my food down on the ground like I normally would if I had shoes on. I ran over the frog and it made a weird crunch/skweesh sound.. its not really that describable. Juice from its body got all over my leg.. it wasn't even blood, it was like, juice. Then we turned around and looked at the frog and its spine or some other bone was sticking out through its jellyish eye thing, or what was left of it. *bows*
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