Curt has no legs. (squigg_e) wrote in afterbirth,
Curt has no legs.

A re-reminder

You best be there...

If you live in the Philadelphia area, do not miss this show!!! It will be one of the most incredible shows of all time. Never before has such cloud energy built up in the heavens.

The show starts at 3:00PM and The Liberty Lands Park in The Northern Liberties (Philadelphia) at 913 North 3rd Street. The lineup is as follows: Cordalene, Future Tips, Hi Soft, Krass Brothers, Mazarin, Pearly Gates, Steve Phoenix, and Chamomile. Try to get there right at 3:00, we are the first band :) Hahaha... Have fun!

Chamomile Website
Faux Fetus Productions Website or for more Info!!

(PS. If anyone lives in New England and would like to lend a hand setting up dates for our New England "Penis Weenis 2004" tour, please contact us at! We need your help, any and all help will be greatly appreciated, names of venues or show dates or anything... Thanks a lot!)
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